Taking Back Our Market / by Reginald Titus

When it comes to the people that I associate with it is important that I learn from them and they in turn learn from me. I get super excited when I meet women my age that are confident in their work and walk. Meeting Obiah Ewah, the CEO of Obia Naturals, was exhilarating! Her energy was contagious. Also, the knowledge that she possesses makes me want to listen to her. Obiah is a chemist that uses proven and safe molecular formulas to help create her natural hair care product line.

Natural Hair The Movie Obia Naturals.jpg

Interviewing Obiah was enlightening. She made me realize how much we as consumers are unaware. I learned that the cosmetic industry is not regulated as strenuously as it should be. I also learned that many corporations are exploiting this fact by using chemicals that are inexpensive yet damaging to our health over time. Many companies place profits over the well being of their customers. That is why it is crucial that we educate ourselves.

I believe that it is important to know who is making the products and to know what exactly is in them. The women CEOs of many of the natural hair companies make products that they use on their own hair. That is why I am an advocate of product lines such as Curls, Obia, and Kinky Curly. They are organic and cruelty free. Obia I know for sure is vegan as well.

Another fun fact about Obia is that she is based in Dallas and she knows her stuff. She was also at the Bella Kinks Expo. I was able to score some free products while I was there. They hooked me up with the entire line. I would say that if you have never been to a natural hair expo it is worth it for sure! Go head and do so, you never know who you will run into.

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-Ashanti Titus