Meet the Team


Ashanti Titus, MBA - Executive Producer

In 2008, Ashanti Titus graduated from Northwood University with a BBA in accounting.  In fact, she was able to uncover theft and fraud with her first client out of undergrad. Ashanti has worked with the Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP) to help high schoolers get more insight into choosing accounting as a career path. Ashanti earned her Master’s in Business from Dallas Baptist University in 2016 and is currently a CPA candidate. As a co-founder of Grind Over Matter inc. Ashanti users her financial skills to prepare financial documents for business partners and each movie project. 


Reginald Titus, Jr. - Director/Executive Producer

Reginald Titus, Jr. also known as Reggie Titus, is an American Entrepreneur and Filmmaker based in Dallas Texas. He is the creative director and co-founder of Grind Over Matter Inc./Grind Over Matter Films. Reginald is known for his ability to make high quality productions on smaller budgets that turn a profit. He obtained his BBA in Entrepreneurship at Northwood University where he met his now wife Ashanti, and future producer partners. 


Casey G. Smith - Producer

Casey G. Smith graduated with his BBA in Marketing and Management from the Texas campus of Northwood University where he was first introduced to the performing arts. This also taught him a lifelong lesson that business and the arts make great partners. It was also at NU that Casey met his future Grind Over Matter Film colleagues, Reginald Titus Jr., Ashanti Titus, and AD Johnson. After initial collaborations he then introduced Reginald to his long-time friend, athlete, author, actor, and producer Pablo De Leon. With GOM’s first short features, It’s Complicated and Wrong Girl this introduced Casey into producing for entertainment features...and he liked it! The sellout premiere of It’s


A.D. Johnson - Music Supervisor/Producer 

A.D. Johnson is a creative music executive who founded Chosen Musicians, a place that serves the community by bringing together musicians of all genres of music. In 2012, he partnered with Grind Over Matter Films to be music supervisor for various projects that featured music from artists within his network. A.D. is known for having one of the best musical ears in the industry and has proven success in three films and managing some of the world’s elite new artists.

“I help create Music that has an Impact on the Culture.” -A.D.


Dr. London Williams - Producer

From professor to producer, London is a filmmaker/sports and entertainment executive that was first introduced to TV and Film as a floor manager for Dallas Community Television (formerly Cable Access of Dallas). He also spent much of his early career at Project FX Productions where he wrote and produced theater. He then went on to oversee the promotion, touring and publishing divisions of SE Presents, Inc., a company that produced artist, concerts and comedy shows. London attended the Digital Film Academy of New York conservatory program. London has a Doctorate in Business Administration and an MBA in sports and entertainment management.


Jeremy Stewart - Branding/Producer

A techie and a creative. He aims to help bring their ideas to fruition through visual mediums such as photography, video and design.  Then helps them tell their story by creating a digital footprint they can use as a platform to share their ideas to the world. As at techie, he has worked with clients since 2006 to bring ideas into the digital space. As a creative, he has worked with clients to create events and visuals since 2012. This has led to the creation of 52 Visuals, a collaborative network to foster taking action on for Ideas!

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” ~ Zig Ziglar


Pablo De Leon - Producer

Pablo De Leon (Born Pablo Contreras) had his first onscreen debut on Fox's "The Good Guys". He then landed roles on NBC's "Chase" and "Friday Night Lights". He went on to have a supporting role in the independent short feature, "The Ugly". He then made his first independent full-length feature debut in "Crossing the Enemy" as Roma the hired hitman. He recently played a supporting role as Joe in the short independent feature "It's Complicated". In addition to acting Pablo is also credited as an associate producer in "The Ugly" and executive producer on

"It's Complicated", "Wrong Girl", and "Ghost Note."