Cartoon Promoting Self Hate / by Reginald Titus

Being a mother of young children I am aware of how susceptible they are to even the most subtle of messages. One of our producers, London Williams, forwarded Reginald this clip of a cartoon that disturbed me. I had never heard of this show nor had I viewed an episode until yesterday.

Number one, this cartoon had a group of young women who were really superficial, which only helps to perpetuate a negative mindset of shallowness to our young girls.

However as I continued to blood started to boil. There was only one black character that I saw and she was having a dramatic breakdown because her hair puffed up into an afro. She went on about it being straight earlier and now she didn’t know what to do.
What was even more chilling about this episode was the fact that some of the other girls gave her an appalling look like, “What is that on your head?!”
Ultimately, the scene ended with the girl running away crying hysterically.
I can’t really put my emotions into words. I just know that when it comes to our children it is important to know what they are ingesting. It is our responsibility to protect them from all harm including mental harm. This episode has probably reached hundreds of little black boys and girls. Planting the seed of contempt for their own self-image. Every little girl wants to feel beautiful. In order for that to happen we have to work as a community to build up our little girls so strong that messages like this will not affect them.  As much as we would like to, we cannot keep them away from all negative experiences. However, we can equip them by having conversations, instilling more positivity into them, and snatching back control of our image. Creating literature, toys, and media that caters to positivity and promoting self-worth.

The people who create these shows are not going to stop because they think it’s funny. Well let me tell you that it is not funny! It is insulting and we see what the hell you are doing. I challenge parents everywhere to be more involved with your children. Have conversations with them.  Ask them how they feel about their own image and about things going on in the world... you may actually learn something new.

Click the video below to witness this monstrosity that they call a cartoon episode that is fit for kids...

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Click the video below to witness this monstrosity that they call a cartoon episode that is fit for kids...

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-Ashanti Titus