A Man's Point of View / by Reginald Titus

“Women dress for other women. You rarely see women take into account their man’s preference.” I stared blankly at my father-in-law as he took a sip of wine.  You see we have gender debates like this every time we have a family dinner. It is always funny to me because I feel like he forgets that I am not the typical woman. I decided to hear his perspective.

I found out that he had some valid points. He also had some examples to go along with what he was talking about. I could not argue with his experience. I personally believe that life and relationships can be simpler than what we make them.

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The first idea that many of us were taught in grade school is to treat others how you want to be treated. With that being said, how would you feel as a woman knowing that your partner never took into account how you felt or your preferences? It would be quite frustrating, and you would ultimately feel like that person does not care about what you think. That is a sad place to be in a relationship.

I feel as if there is nothing wrong with adorning yourself in a way that is appealing to your husband. However, when you try to change yourself for the sake of your partner, for a trend, or for society then you have a major problem.  

 For me, it was important for to get the perspective of black men in this film. As women, I think that many of us feel like we already know their perspective on our beauty and natural hair. I found out that many of us are truly unaware of their perspective. The awesome part about making a documentary is the truth that you uncover as you go on your journey of discovery.

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-Ashanti Titus