Talented New Artist on the Dallas Scene / by Reginald Titus

It is so refreshing to be amongst talented people who work hard. I had
the pleasure of being introduced to the music of LoSteele in 2015 on a
flight from Santa Monica to Dallas. Our music supervisor AD Johnson
told me he discovered an artist and that I had to hear her voice. I
was reluctant to listen. Honestly,I just wanted a snack and some sleep
on the flight. AD gave me his headphones and he started the track. It
literally was only her voice and the guitar. The song absolutely moved
me. I slowly looked over at him and I said, "Yes! this song has to be
in the movie!" As a tear feel down my cheek. I know that this song
will speak to millions of women around the world. And, it was truly in
line with the vision that I had from the film. So many of us are made
to feel like we are not enough. We are made to feel like our voices
should not be heard. And this song encapsulates that.

I am so excited that an agreement was made and the Lo Steele decided to share her
story and contribute her song to the film. I cannot wait for you all
to also hear the single! It will definately impact you positively for
sure! Stay tuned for more to come....

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Ashanti Titus
Executive Producer