The Turn Up Was Real / by Reginald Titus

Wow! What an event!

On February 22nd 2018 we held a private screening for our movie in Dallas TX and it sold out!! The event sold out all online, during a rain storm. We had family, friends, and strangers from all over come to support our film and we are so grateful.

I haven’t fully grasped everything yet. As a director, Executive producer, writer, editor etc. I’ve been looking at mistakes, corrections, draft after draft. It’s truly overwhelming at times. As I sat in the theatre in the first row listening to the laughs, grunts, silences, and clapping I began to feel better. I’d been in a metaphorical forest for the past year; and all I could see was trees. I’d grown grey hair, lost hair, gained weight all as a sacrifice for this project.

I got a chance to sit back and observe the team members have a good time, showing their friends and family the wonderful project we’ve been working on for more than two years. It felt like an outer body experience, I mean is this real? Really real? I remember just about a year ago asking friends and family to help donate to this project and now are we really here with a finished feature film!!??My God I have so many stories to share of our triumph and journey.

The following day we began to receive phone calls, emails, text messages, and reviews on the movie. Check those out here. I’m truly honored to have worked with a team like the one we have. We will continue to distribute this film across the nation as more opportunities have opened up.