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Natural Hair Super-Heroines! Part II by Content Creator

It is time for part 2 of Natural Hair Super-Heroines!  This group has some non-traditional heroines.  Some might be considered anti-heroines, but all are natural and powerful in their own right.  Let's get to it!




Jennifer Pierce is second generation superhero.  Her father is Black Lightning and her sister is code named, "Thunder" ...yeah, I know.  She has complete control over electricity, but can’t interact with electrical items.  While in her human form she wears her hair in braids that become lightning bolts in her electrical form.  Look for her and hopefully her natural hair to make an appearance on the CW’s new Black Lightning show in 2018.






Destiny Ajaye

This next entry veers off the path of your traditional “hero”.  What if the next one-in-a-generation military mind that could rival the likes of Alexander the Great, Hannibal of Carthage, or Genghis Khan was a teenage girl living in South Central, LA?  You can read this very mature story of the girl who lead and organized her community (including the gangs) to wage war against the LAPD and National Guard in the 5-part series Genius. Through it all Destiny’s natural hair and sense of style are as flawless as her master plan.



The blade wielding, zombie survival specialist rounds out our list.  No powers needed here; just sheer instinct and skill.  Michonne has overcome some of the worst tragedies a character can face.  If you’ve read the actual Walking Dead comic you’ll find new reasons to hate the Governor.  Michonne she is fighter and is never seen without a katana or her natural locks.

And there you have it.  We've only scratched the surface of the amount of wonderful super heroines that have worn natural hair.  From Storm and Shuri, to Nubia and Crimson Avenger there are plenty of women characters who have worn natural hair and they should be supported and celebrated.  If you find yourself interested I would encourage you to checkout the Comixology App and explore not only some of these characters, but the wonderful creators of the content.  Have these two posts sparked interest in these characters?  Please leave your thoughts and comments below!  

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