Mahisha Dellinger has her OWN TV Show by Reginald Titus

It was an honor to interview Mahisha Dellinger for the film Natural Hair the Movie. She is an entrepreneur with her own hair product line called Curls. She believed in us early on in the project. She agreed to be interviewed by us not even knowing who we were, she gave us an opportunity.  She was also one of the first corporate sponsors on the kickstarter page.

Well we are happy to share with you that she has her own TV show on the OWN network! The show is an unscripted series called Mind Your Business with Mahisha, the premiere is Saturday, August 11 at 10 PM. It’s a show in which she is helping female entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. This is such a fitting show for the Mahisha brand in my opinion and I hope tons of people tune in and support the show.  Check out the video below.


Talented New Artist on the Dallas Scene by Reginald Titus

It is so refreshing to be amongst talented people who work hard. I had
the pleasure of being introduced to the music of LoSteele in 2015 on a
flight from Santa Monica to Dallas. Our music supervisor AD Johnson
told me he discovered an artist and that I had to hear her voice. I
was reluctant to listen. Honestly,I just wanted a snack and some sleep
on the flight. AD gave me his headphones and he started the track. It
literally was only her voice and the guitar. The song absolutely moved
me. I slowly looked over at him and I said, "Yes! this song has to be
in the movie!" As a tear feel down my cheek. I know that this song
will speak to millions of women around the world. And, it was truly in
line with the vision that I had from the film. So many of us are made
to feel like we are not enough. We are made to feel like our voices
should not be heard. And this song encapsulates that.

I am so excited that an agreement was made and the Lo Steele decided to share her
story and contribute her song to the film. I cannot wait for you all
to also hear the single! It will definately impact you positively for
sure! Stay tuned for more to come....

Purchase Tickets for Private Screening here!

Ashanti Titus
Executive Producer

The Turn Up Was Real by Reginald Titus

Wow! What an event!

On February 22nd 2018 we held a private screening for our movie in Dallas TX and it sold out!! The event sold out all online, during a rain storm. We had family, friends, and strangers from all over come to support our film and we are so grateful.

I haven’t fully grasped everything yet. As a director, Executive producer, writer, editor etc. I’ve been looking at mistakes, corrections, draft after draft. It’s truly overwhelming at times. As I sat in the theatre in the first row listening to the laughs, grunts, silences, and clapping I began to feel better. I’d been in a metaphorical forest for the past year; and all I could see was trees. I’d grown grey hair, lost hair, gained weight all as a sacrifice for this project.

I got a chance to sit back and observe the team members have a good time, showing their friends and family the wonderful project we’ve been working on for more than two years. It felt like an outer body experience, I mean is this real? Really real? I remember just about a year ago asking friends and family to help donate to this project and now are we really here with a finished feature film!!??My God I have so many stories to share of our triumph and journey.

The following day we began to receive phone calls, emails, text messages, and reviews on the movie. Check those out here. I’m truly honored to have worked with a team like the one we have. We will continue to distribute this film across the nation as more opportunities have opened up.



Natural Hair Super-Heroines! Part II by Content Creator

It is time for part 2 of Natural Hair Super-Heroines!  This group has some non-traditional heroines.  Some might be considered anti-heroines, but all are natural and powerful in their own right.  Let's get to it!




Jennifer Pierce is second generation superhero.  Her father is Black Lightning and her sister is code named, "Thunder" ...yeah, I know.  She has complete control over electricity, but can’t interact with electrical items.  While in her human form she wears her hair in braids that become lightning bolts in her electrical form.  Look for her and hopefully her natural hair to make an appearance on the CW’s new Black Lightning show in 2018.






Destiny Ajaye

This next entry veers off the path of your traditional “hero”.  What if the next one-in-a-generation military mind that could rival the likes of Alexander the Great, Hannibal of Carthage, or Genghis Khan was a teenage girl living in South Central, LA?  You can read this very mature story of the girl who lead and organized her community (including the gangs) to wage war against the LAPD and National Guard in the 5-part series Genius. Through it all Destiny’s natural hair and sense of style are as flawless as her master plan.



The blade wielding, zombie survival specialist rounds out our list.  No powers needed here; just sheer instinct and skill.  Michonne has overcome some of the worst tragedies a character can face.  If you’ve read the actual Walking Dead comic you’ll find new reasons to hate the Governor.  Michonne she is fighter and is never seen without a katana or her natural locks.

And there you have it.  We've only scratched the surface of the amount of wonderful super heroines that have worn natural hair.  From Storm and Shuri, to Nubia and Crimson Avenger there are plenty of women characters who have worn natural hair and they should be supported and celebrated.  If you find yourself interested I would encourage you to checkout the Comixology App and explore not only some of these characters, but the wonderful creators of the content.  Have these two posts sparked interest in these characters?  Please leave your thoughts and comments below!  

Click here to watch our trailer for Natural Hair the Movie: 


Casey G. Smith - Producer


Cartoon Promoting Self Hate by Reginald Titus

Being a mother of young children I am aware of how susceptible they are to even the most subtle of messages. One of our producers, London Williams, forwarded Reginald this clip of a cartoon that disturbed me. I had never heard of this show nor had I viewed an episode until yesterday.

Number one, this cartoon had a group of young women who were really superficial, which only helps to perpetuate a negative mindset of shallowness to our young girls.

However as I continued to blood started to boil. There was only one black character that I saw and she was having a dramatic breakdown because her hair puffed up into an afro. She went on about it being straight earlier and now she didn’t know what to do.
What was even more chilling about this episode was the fact that some of the other girls gave her an appalling look like, “What is that on your head?!”
Ultimately, the scene ended with the girl running away crying hysterically.
I can’t really put my emotions into words. I just know that when it comes to our children it is important to know what they are ingesting. It is our responsibility to protect them from all harm including mental harm. This episode has probably reached hundreds of little black boys and girls. Planting the seed of contempt for their own self-image. Every little girl wants to feel beautiful. In order for that to happen we have to work as a community to build up our little girls so strong that messages like this will not affect them.  As much as we would like to, we cannot keep them away from all negative experiences. However, we can equip them by having conversations, instilling more positivity into them, and snatching back control of our image. Creating literature, toys, and media that caters to positivity and promoting self-worth.

The people who create these shows are not going to stop because they think it’s funny. Well let me tell you that it is not funny! It is insulting and we see what the hell you are doing. I challenge parents everywhere to be more involved with your children. Have conversations with them.  Ask them how they feel about their own image and about things going on in the world... you may actually learn something new.

Click the video below to witness this monstrosity that they call a cartoon episode that is fit for kids...

Until next time.

To check out our movie trailer click here

Click the video below to witness this monstrosity that they call a cartoon episode that is fit for kids...

Until next time

-Ashanti Titus

Taking Back Our Market by Reginald Titus

When it comes to the people that I associate with it is important that I learn from them and they in turn learn from me. I get super excited when I meet women my age that are confident in their work and walk. Meeting Obiah Ewah, the CEO of Obia Naturals, was exhilarating! Her energy was contagious. Also, the knowledge that she possesses makes me want to listen to her. Obiah is a chemist that uses proven and safe molecular formulas to help create her natural hair care product line.

Natural Hair The Movie Obia Naturals.jpg

Interviewing Obiah was enlightening. She made me realize how much we as consumers are unaware. I learned that the cosmetic industry is not regulated as strenuously as it should be. I also learned that many corporations are exploiting this fact by using chemicals that are inexpensive yet damaging to our health over time. Many companies place profits over the well being of their customers. That is why it is crucial that we educate ourselves.

I believe that it is important to know who is making the products and to know what exactly is in them. The women CEOs of many of the natural hair companies make products that they use on their own hair. That is why I am an advocate of product lines such as Curls, Obia, and Kinky Curly. They are organic and cruelty free. Obia I know for sure is vegan as well.

Another fun fact about Obia is that she is based in Dallas and she knows her stuff. She was also at the Bella Kinks Expo. I was able to score some free products while I was there. They hooked me up with the entire line. I would say that if you have never been to a natural hair expo it is worth it for sure! Go head and do so, you never know who you will run into.

Check out our Trailer here

-Ashanti Titus

A Man's Point of View by Reginald Titus

“Women dress for other women. You rarely see women take into account their man’s preference.” I stared blankly at my father-in-law as he took a sip of wine.  You see we have gender debates like this every time we have a family dinner. It is always funny to me because I feel like he forgets that I am not the typical woman. I decided to hear his perspective.

I found out that he had some valid points. He also had some examples to go along with what he was talking about. I could not argue with his experience. I personally believe that life and relationships can be simpler than what we make them.

Natural Hair The Movie.jpg

The first idea that many of us were taught in grade school is to treat others how you want to be treated. With that being said, how would you feel as a woman knowing that your partner never took into account how you felt or your preferences? It would be quite frustrating, and you would ultimately feel like that person does not care about what you think. That is a sad place to be in a relationship.

I feel as if there is nothing wrong with adorning yourself in a way that is appealing to your husband. However, when you try to change yourself for the sake of your partner, for a trend, or for society then you have a major problem.  

 For me, it was important for to get the perspective of black men in this film. As women, I think that many of us feel like we already know their perspective on our beauty and natural hair. I found out that many of us are truly unaware of their perspective. The awesome part about making a documentary is the truth that you uncover as you go on your journey of discovery.

Check out the trailer here

-Ashanti Titus 

Natural Hair Superheroines! Part 1 by Content Creator

I’m really excited about the release of Natural Hair the Movie this February.  I’m also excited for Marvel’s Black Panther, also in February.  As a lifelong comic book fan and producer this is perfect place for worlds to collide again! We’ll do this one in two parts. Let’s check out some of the super heroine through the years that have rocked natural hair.  You might be surprised.  In no particular order:


Misty Knight

You may have recently been introduced to Mercedes “Misty” Knight as the butt-kicking detective in Marvel’s Luke Cage and Defenders series on Netflix.  She first debuted in 1972 and is known for her bionic right arm (she lost her original in an act of heroism) and her afro. Whether as a Hero for Hire, Daughter of the Dragon or Defender you can count on Misty to bring a bionic beat-down while rocking her natural afro!




Monica Rambeau is one of the most powerful characters ever created in comics.  A former police Lieutenant with the New Orleans Harbor patrol an act of bravery granted her power to change her body into any form of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Who needs bluetooth or an Echo Dot when you can become radio waves, electricity, x-rays or travel at the speed of light?  Her name has changed several times throughout the years and so has her hair style, but rather it was her original crown afro or her current dreadlocks, Pulsar is as natural as she is powerful!



Testing at the level of super genius at the age of 5,  Riri Williams grew up in Chicago with her mother and step-father.  After a tragic drive-by shooting took the lives of some of her closets loved ones at the age of 15 she decided to build her own suit of armor to fight and defend her community and the world.  With a digital Tony Stark as her A.i. and mentor she is soaring to new heights as one of Marvel’s newest super heroes: the Invincible Ironheart!  When not wearing an armored helmet she lets her beautiful natural locks down.

Well, that's part one.  These are some heavy-hitters.  Didn't see some of your favorites?  You might in part two.  Let us know who are some of your natural hair heores in real life.  Hopefully, after you see NHTM you'll have a few more.  Sound off below!

Casey G. Smith, Producer

Boss Ladies by Reginald Titus

In our society many women are praised for their flawless makeup, their ability to act, dance, or sing. However, I am in awe of the women who are able to raise families while building multi-million dollar empires. The women that accomplish these seemingly impossible tasks don't get enough praise and recognition.

This year I had the opportunity to go to the Bella Kinks Expo in Dallas.  I was able to meet incredible women leaders in the natural hair community including the CEO of Curls, Mahisha Dellinger. As many of you may know, Curls was the first corporate sponsor for the film during our kickstarter phase. It was definitely an honor to meet her. I can really relate to her because she is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. I was inspired because she has reached the realms of success that most people only dream about. I also had the pleasure of reading her book, “Against all Odds, From Poverty to the Penthouse” which is a must-read for young women.

CEO of Mahisha Dellinger and Executive Producer Ashanti Titus

CEO of Mahisha Dellinger and Executive Producer Ashanti Titus

Hearing her story definitely gave me a different perspective on business and leadership. Mahisha has an interesting perspective because her company’s products were one of the first in the natural hair space. You will have the opportunity to learn more about her and her brand when the film debuts. Also, if you come to the official release in Dallas you will be able to score some free Curls products... (wink, wink)

Until next time…..

Ashanti Titus

Executive Producer

What I've learned about Natural Hair and Movies... by Content Creator

Making a movie is hard.  It’s a continual collaborative process that at times calls for compromise and at other times taking a firm stance.  For every successful fund raiser there are the unexpected expenses.  Trying to tell a story visually with good sound and appropriate transitions that will hopefully connect with your audience is not easy.  And once you release it…well your work has only just begun.  There is marketing, distribution, and PR.  It’s the business side of “show business”.
You know what else I’ve learned about that isn’t easy?  Natural hair. 
As a producer on Natural Hair the Movie, over the past two years I’ve had the eye-opening experience of witnessing countless interviews with strong, educated, women of color who have shared their journey of going natural.  The reasons are as varied as the women themselves.  Some did it for health reasons, others due to bad perm experiences, and yet others through encouragement from a loved one.  But like making a movie – the decision was just the beginning.  Hours of research on curl patterns, textures and natural hair care products (largely thanks to YouTube) along with stepping out of their comfort zones became their new norm.  There is a mixture of fear and excitement in doing something new with your hair.  Not that I would know.  I’ve been bald for the better half of a decade.  Do beards count?
However, it’s not all cute curls and twist-outs for everyone.  For some the journey has been difficult.  Handling words often meant to encourage or hide shock from co-workers, friends and family that do more damage than good.  HR policies, cost of maintenance and even finding salons that know how to style natural hair can be a challenge.  With all of these obstacles some have chosen to turn back while others have forged ahead.
Freedom.  The most encouraging comment I head from women in this film.  The discovery of a new found freedom in accepting and loving themselves as they are.  And putting themselves out there for the world to recon with.  For them freedom makes it all worth while.
Movies and Natural hair.  Not easy.  But how about this?  You keep embracing and loving yourself and we will finish this film because the world needs to see both.  I hope to see you at one of our premieres next year and hopefully have a chance to say, “I love your natural hair!”

Producer- Casey G. Smith

Left: Casey G. Smith                                                Middle: AD Johnson                                           Right: Ashanti Titus

Left: Casey G. Smith                                                Middle: AD Johnson                                           Right: Ashanti Titus

Post Production by Reginald Titus

Editing is going great! We had some extra shoots that came in last minute but much needed. This editing process has been fulfilling rewarding and humbling. For every sequence you have to really narrow down the idea, and make sure the point is coming across as intended. I'm so thankful for the producers on the project. Casey has made sure I'm editing at all times, London has really added that extra professionalism needed for the project. Pablo is keeping up the motivation, Ashanti is asking the hard questions and making sure us guys are on track to telling the appropriate story. A.D is seeking out talent for the music and keeping me focused on deadlines. It really takes a team, and I'm grateful for this team. Here is a quick screenshot from the history section of the movie.


Jamie Jenkins founder of Non Profit BOOM  

Jamie Jenkins founder of Non Profit BOOM  

Progress by Reginald Titus

HAPPY 4th of July!!!!!!

I met up with  our Graphic Designer yesterday to get the marketing assets for the movie campaign. He has been working on this project for the last 30 days making sure the pictures, and color schemes look good. The process required our team to review, discuss, and debate new versions of the art work. We want artwork that can show the beauty women of color exude, while highlighting the different melanin types, and hair textures in the same artwork. I think we pulled it off. Our kickstarter contributors have allowed us to make this happen quickly, thank you for helping us progress!!


Key Art for Natural Hair The Movie

Key Art for Natural Hair The Movie

Producers Produce Part 2 by Reginald Titus

After leaving the Producers Conference in LA our Producer London Williams took a flight to Miami Florida to Attend the ABFF, known as the American Black Film Festival between the dates of June 14th- 18th . This festival is prestigious and an important festival to make connections for our particular film. London is on a 10 day campaign for this film and we are  super proud to have him on our project making real producer moves. The trip proved to be successful with some exciting developments coming in the near future!

Spike Lee ABFF
Regina Hall
Bill Duke
Elise Neal at American Black Film Festival

Producers Produce by Reginald Titus

"Producers Produce!" This has been my favorite motto for the past year. When putting a movie together it can feel like the world is against you and the project. Hard work and perseverance will pull you through. 

One of our producers, London Williams recently went out to the produced by conference in LA to help raise awareness for Natural Hair The Movie. If you are a producer you probably saw him campaigning, his efforts have been fruitful. We are about ready to bring this home!

Ava and Oprah giving tips about producing qualit content

Ava and Oprah giving tips about producing qualit content

Get Out Director Jordan Peele

Get Out Director Jordan Peele

Photoshoot for Keyart by Reginald Titus

on 6-1-17 Dennis Webb Photography was commissioned to provide visuals for Natural Hair The Movie's poster and marketing materials. His shots aren't ready yet but here are some behind the scenes from the shoot. 

Our Wonder Women #Naturalhairthemovie

Our Wonder Women #Naturalhairthemovie

Makeup is essential even for a natural look

Makeup is essential even for a natural look

Producer Casey G. Smith talks with talent. Who is that guy shooting? 

Producer Casey G. Smith talks with talent. Who is that guy shooting? 

T-Shirts by Reginald Titus

Finding the right type of shirt that both women and men will like is a business all on its own. We are currently offering the relaxed fit T-Shirt to our kickstarter contributors. Once this order is complete we will open up the store to the public online! #exciting 


T Shirt Orders